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A story about a hobby gone haywire! A hidden gem in the heart of Alberta.

I have a love for jewelry. In fact, you can call it an obsession. I have always surrounded myself by making jewelry, I used to gift my design to my friends and my family. My fan base grew rapidly and eventually, my friends suggested that I should sell them and start a business.
I did not quite buy into the hobby-business concept until my husband bought me a beautiful hanging pendant. I knew I could do better so I went ahead and purchased material for creating my own. I have not stopped since.
My portfolio and styles grew quickly. A colleague needed some steampunk pieces to put in gift bags to promote her books. This was unknown territory for me but, hey I like a challenge.
As I continue to experiment with styles I have then developed a victorian feel using lace. Something so different. It all began because of a friend, who makes handmade lace and later evolved to lace jewelry, and then to the Pre-Golden Globes for the Pre-Emmys. DPA gifting suite “We want you! Your product is so unique and different. The stars will love it!” Nathalie Dubois-Sissoko, DPA Gifting Suite in Los Angeles.
My designs are creative and unique, but quality and durability is my promise. My materials are solid and carry a lifetime guarantee. My customers are all jewelry fanatics.
Today my business is almost overtaking my day job. My daily pleasure is to dream up timeless pieces that can complement a variety of looks, from sensual and seductive, casual but not least – executive boardroom.
Every piece of jewelry says: “Be fearless, dare to be different because you are worth it.”